Competition Shorts Programme 1 + Q&A

Saturday, 24 June 23 - 1:30pm
@Queen's Film Theatre
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A Mother's Love for Her Baby
Cat and Éiméar McClay
16 mins

The sins of the Magdalene Laundries and the corruptions of the Catholic church are explored through a combination of 3D animation and experimental prose, giving a voice to the historically marginalised.

Ross McClean
12 mins

Allister, a man with damaged vocal cords, overcomes his loneliness in an unusual way in this short which celebrates the power of community no matter what shape it takes.

My Name is Joseph
Seán Murray
12 mins

This harrowing documentary exposes the institutional and systemic failures that contributed to the death in custody of 20-year-old Joseph Rainey.

The Cities I Live In
Rabie Mustapha
10 mins

A filmmaker from Damascus tells his infants how he came to settle in Belfast, a poignant and moving essay film about life between troubled cities.

Eva Babington
15 mins

Three young women relate their experiences with period pain in this documentary which highlights the failings of the education and healthcare systems in dealing with menstruation.


Saturday, 24 June 2023 - 1:30pm @ Queen's Film Theatre
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