Competition Shorts Programme 2 + Q&A

Saturday, 24 June 23 - 3:15pm
@Queen's Film Theatre
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The Death of Terence Wheelock
Adam Doyle
19 mins

The death of Terence Wheelock, the ensuing campaign for answers and the effects on his family and community is investigated in this short, the directorial debut of internet artist Spice Bag (Adam Doyle).

Noelle Gallagher
7 mins

This short captures the felling of Sitka trees as they make way for reforestation, a meditative visual piece with a striking score.

My Cure and Me
Alan Bradley
13 mins

Explores the experiences of Alice and Joe, two of the last faith healers in Ireland, as they consider what will become of their traditional practice.

“Where Do All the Old Gays Go?"
Cathy Dunne
18 mins

An intimate and sensitive portrait of older members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Ireland, speaking about their past, their present and the future.

2 Channel Land
Frank Sweeney
16 mins

This surreal docu-fiction film takes analogue signals spilling across the Irish borders as its starting point, before becoming a transcendent and rootin-tootin celebration of radio and country music.


Saturday, 24 June 2023 - 3:15pm @ Queen's Film Theatre
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