European Documentary Co-Production Forum: Building Successful Partnerships with Europe

Friday, 1 July 22 - 4:30pm
@Europa Hotel
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Presented in partnership with Creative Europe Desk Ireland, Docs Ireland has invited an assembly of experienced European documentary producers, well versed in the art of co-production, to discuss the process of working with their respective countries; providing insight into their individual funding systems, sources of finance available, and general information on the intricacies of both their creative and bureaucratic processes.

Companies represented include:

Mario Adamson – Sisyfos Film, Sweden
Daniela Dieterich – Corso Films, Germany
Renko Douze – Een van de jongens, The Netherlands
Vít Janeček – D1 Film, Czech Republic

Hosted by: Brigid O’Shea
Founder, Documentary Association of Europe

Presented in partnership with Creative Europe Desk Ireland


Friday, 1 July 2022 - 4:30pm @ Europa Hotel
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