Girl Gang

Directed by Susanne Regina Meures
Germany202298 mins
Friday, 23 June 23 - 6:30pm
@Beanbag Cinema
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Fourteen-year-old Leonie is a successful teen influencer who lives on the outskirts of Berlin.

Millions of followers are at her feet, and companies shower her with products. When Leonie’s parents recognise the enormous economic potential of their daughter’s online activities, they quickly take over her management. They want Leonie to have a better life than they had. But Leonie’s life dictated by brands and pressure to produce content, slowly turns into a prison.

This is an insightful, and sometimes incredibly sad, look at how corporate social media companies have weaved their way into our lives.


Friday, 23 June 2023 - 6:30pm @ Beanbag Cinema
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