Laurent Garnier: Off The Record

Directed by Gabin Rivoire
Saturday, 2 July 22 - 9:00pm
@Queen's Film Theatre Laurent Garnier: Off The Record
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A look into the life of Laurent Garnier, one of the godfathers of house music, from his emergence on the music scene in the 80's to now. The story of a music revolution through the eyes of a pioneer.

Through never-before-seen archive images and footage of Laurent’s recent world tour, we experience a remarkably intimate portrait of a passionate trailblazer who followed his passion and eventually helped make a musical, social and political revolution happen. It is also a celebration of the ineffable collective music experience, much missed in these recent periods of self-isolation.


Saturday, 2 July 2022 - 9:00pm @ Queen's Film Theatre Laurent Garnier: Off The Record
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