Much Ado About Dying + Q&A

Directed by Simon Chambers
UK90 mins
Saturday, 24 June 23 - 1:00pm
@Queen's Film Theatre
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Reluctantly taking on the task of caring for his dying actor uncle, filmmaker Simon embarks on a 5-year odyssey of craziness, frustration and ultimately awareness.

His cantankerous uncle David wants Simon to help him have the perfect end to his life. Amongst the squalor of mouse shit, peeing in jam jars, and a house full of hoarded rubbish, David wants to play a final ‘King Lear’. Simon tries to curb David’s urge to give his ‘kingdom’ away. Despite a house fire, homelessness, delirium from an infection, and the dreaded ‘care home’, together they create an award-winning final performance to send David on his way.

Produced by David Rane, who’s previous film was Young Plato.


Saturday, 24 June 2023 - 1:00pm @ Queen's Film Theatre
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