Official Selection Shorts Programme 1

Sunday, 25 June 23 - 2:00pm
@The Black Box
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Interviewing Dad
Nicky Larkin
18 mins

A father shot during the Troubles is interviewed by his daughter in this exploration of transgenerational trauma in a post-conflict society.

Still Shielding
Tresca Mallon
8 mins

A warm and genuine conversation between friends reveals the long-lasting effects of the pandemic on a young disabled woman.

Bury Me Facing the Sun
Rory Carroll
6 mins

A glance into Ireland’s landscape and history which explores the connection between Christianity and Paganism.

Shades of Blue
Katie McFadden
6 mins

A man with impaired sight ruminates on craft beer and skiing, prompting a consideration of accessibility in shared spaces.

Love Is…
Jessica May Banks and David Johnston
5 mins

Using animation, home video and reconstructed sequences, this short looks at the notion of love and the many forms that it takes.

New Threads
Elspeth Vischer
6 mins

Familiar images of a security blockade in 1970s Belfast are reimagined as a scenario in which invisible queer lives are out and about.

Lauren O'Bern
15 mins

A sensitive portrait of cattle farmer Padraig and his lifelong commitment to his farm, raising questions of tradition, heritage and mortality.

Focail Nua (New Words)
Andrew Keogh
12 mins

The vitality of the Irish language is celebrated in this short which focuses on Ireland’s two full-time terminologists and considers the 300 words they officially add each month.

When it Rains
Daniel Ritchie
11 mins

This collection of stories and experiences forms an impressionistic and loving tribute to the skateboarding community of Carrickfergus.


Sunday, 25 June 2023 - 2:00pm @ The Black Box
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