Short Irish Documentary Competition 2022 + Q&A

Saturday, 2 July 22 - 11:45am
@Queen's Film Theatre
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Once again we are delighted to host this programme of short films in competition for Best Short Irish Documentary. Selected from festival submissions, the films cover a range of themes from mental health and the diversification of identity in Northern Ireland, to matchmaking farmers in County Clare.

The films are made by a mix of both early career and established filmmakers. The programme will be accompanied by a postscreening filmmaker Q&A.

Mam's Old Chair
Dir. Sheena Walsh | 2:27 mins

The sentimental relationship we have with household objects is explored in this concise film.

Mount Trenchard
Dir. Jamie Goldrick | 17:23 mins

This sensitively made film exposes the system of direct provision in the Republic of Ireland by revealing shocking

treatment of asylum seekers at the Mount Trenchard centre in County Limerick.

There's No Drugs in Animal Crossing

Dir. CateCheung-McMullan | 9:36 mins

A look at how Nintendo’s Animal Crossing became a lifeline for recovering addicts during lockdown.

Vonnie: Ireland's Forgotten Fashion Icon
Dir. Renata Lima | 17:40 mins

Limerick fashion designer, Vonnie Reynolds is remembered using archive footage of her life and designs.

Dir. Sean Mullan | 12:40 mins

One Derry MC’s personal, creative and political journey is followed in this poetic film.

A Map in Search of a Territory
Dir. Jack Lunt | 13:30 mins

Folklore, history and science combine in this expressive study of Carronadavderg Hill.

Letter to Lia
Dir. Nicky Larkin | 14:30 mins

A creative rumination on the identity of children growing up in a changing Northern Ireland from the starting point of the filmmaker’s own daughter.

Ireland's Last Matchmaker
Dir. Sam Howard | 17:00 mins

80-year-old Willie Daly’s career as a matchmaker for the lonely hearts of rural Co. Clare is explored in this
affectionate film.

Dir. Jonathan Harden | 5:30 mins

A woman speaks candidly about her son’s suicide in this minimalist film.


Saturday, 2 July 2022 - 11:45am @ Queen's Film Theatre
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