The Secret Army + Q&A

Directed by John O'Kane
Northern Ireland2023
Sunday, 25 June 23 - 1:30pm
@Queen's Film Theatre
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Work-in-Progress Screening

For over 50 years, the most extraordinary footage ever filmed inside the IRA disappeared. BBC journalist Darragh MacIntyre found the original 16mm film canisters in New York. We follow him as he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding how and why it was made.

During the most violent period of the Northern Ireland Troubles in 1972, an odd documentary team turned up in Belfast: the man asking the questions was an American academic and artist, the Israeli director had been arrested trying to kidnap a Nazi war criminal. None of them had any real track record in making documentaries, but they were given exceptional access inside the IRA.

Darragh tracks down some of the IRA men who were featured in the film. And one of the original production team who, even though he was the music composer, was present at shootings and bombings filmed by them in Northern Ireland.

This BBC NI documentary is still in production, but we will be screening excerpts. Afterwards, John O'Kane and Darragh MacIntyre will take part in a Q&A to describe this film's extraordinary journey.


Sunday, 25 June 2023 - 1:30pm @ Queen's Film Theatre
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