The Whole Picture

Friday, 1 July 22 - 10:30am
@Europa Hotel
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An Open Discussion Examining the Film Industry’s Mental Health Crisis

Featuring speakers from both the Irish and UK doc industries, this session will look at how we can improve mental health and wellbeing in production, and whether mentally healthy productions are possible.

There is a mental health crisis in the film and TV industry – the Film and TV Charity’s Looking Glass research has shown the status of our mental health is considerably and significantly worse than in the normal working population, with 9/10 people in film and TV experiencing mental health problems, and only 10% of us prepared to describe our industry as a mentally healthy place to work. But what can we do? We’ll show how the Whole Picture Toolkit was created with industry, to combat causes of poor mental health, taking participants through easy actions and changes to implement, and showcase other work in this space designed to combat issues including bullying, harassment, poor working practices, lack of training.

The intention of the session is to start a conversation about mental health in the industry, the stigma around talking about it and getting help, and the problems it causes, whilst also opening up to discuss how we can all work better, demand more, and most importantly improve the conditions and culture which are contributing to this mental health crisis in our industry.

Hosted by:
Andy Glynne – Director, Film & TV Charity’s Whole Picture Programme


Valeria Bullo – Project Lead, Film & TV Charity’s Whole Picture Programme
Ann Marie Shields – Director, Minding Creative Minds
Rachel Hooper – Producer, Walk on Air Films


Friday, 1 July 2022 - 10:30am @ Europa Hotel
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