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Docs Ireland will be celebrating the rich culture, social and political history of our sister city with ‘Derry Day(s)’, running between 25-29 August.

Margo Harkin
Award-winning Derry filmmaker, Margo Harkin

The mini-season opens with ‘After Image: Margo Harkin’,  an exclusive interview by Rose Baker with the city’s the award-winning filmmaker.  Highlights of Margo’s work include ‘Hush-a-Bye Baby’, ‘12 Days in July’ and ‘Bloody Sunday – A Derry Diary’.  The interview will be available to watch online via the festival website from 25 – 29 August.  Tickets are free but must be booked in advance.  

‘Derry Day(s)’ continues on Sunday 29 August with two back-to-back screenings.  The first, ‘The Long Note’, is an outsider’s view – an experimental and forensic study by the English, Turner Prize-nominated artist Helen Cammock about the role of women in the civil rights movement in the city.

The Long Note
‘The Long Note’ by Turner Prize-nominated artist, Helen Cammock.

The second screening is definitely an insider’s view, as we watch back with Eamonn McCann a group discussion he was part of from 1988, on Channel 4’s ‘After Dark’. Entitled ‘Derry 68: Look Back in Anger?’, the group discussion covers civil rights, Irish politics and many other key issues.  

Eamonn Mccann
Eamonn McCann on the Channel 4 programme, ‘After Dark’. Copyright Open Media.

“The After Dark discussion, “Derry 68: Look Back in Anger?” was simply the most enlightening programme on  Northern Ireland I have ever seen.” – New Statesman 

Explore the full Docs Festival programme and book your tickets now. 

Eamonn McCann photo credit at top of page:  David Barker