Particpants General

Docs Ireland is pleased to announce the projects for our inaugural Marketplace, taking place on Thursday June 13th at the Europa Hotel, Belfast.

35 Irish, UK and international projects will pitch to international decision makers including BBC Storyville, CAT&Docs, Dogwoof, Kew Media and PBS.

Full list of projects in participation

A Short History of Decay (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

New Decade TV Ltd

Nuala Cunningham (Producer)

Acclaimed songwriter John Murry returns to Mississippi to explore his self-destructive past and delve into the malaise of over-medicated America.


Harvest Films

Pat Collins (Director), Philip King (Producer)

Demons and Dancers follows the staging of a new international dance & theatre work by the acclaimed choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan.


Fadoo Productions Inc

Dale Heslip (Director) Corey Russell (Producer)

Tom Wilson is a musician, an author, an artist, a former drug addict and alcoholic. Tom Wilson is also a lie. Raised in the rough-and-tumble world of Hamilton, in the company of World War II vets, factory workers, fall-guy wrestlers. He was also raised with deeply guarded secrets kept by his parents. “There are secrets I know about you I will take to my grave”, his mother would say to him.

Billy Preston: The Greatest Sideman (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Minted Content Ltd

David Allen (Director), Lance O’Connor (Producer), Patricia McConville (Assistant Producer), Richard Mills (Writer)

A genial genius who rose to the top but fell victim to the excesses of the rock and roll lifestyle.

Bloody Brilliant (UK)

Ponder Productions Ltd / Fleet St Films

Rehana Rose (Director), Lucy Darwin (Producer),  Julia Short (Producer)

No blood. Just sweat and tears. Unexpected and unapologetic heart-breaking-night-sweating-hot-flushing-brain-fogging-heart-warming journeys. In respect of the menopause.

Conversations With Women (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

SOS Productions

Sinead O’Shea (Director/Writer)

What female sexual tradition can cause both pleasure and trouble?

Don’t Forget Your Dress (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Alice Productions Ltd

Liam Beatty (Producer), Jake McKone (Writer)

A captivating documentary about Lizzie LeBlond, who was Ireland’s first filmmaker, a mountaineering legend, photographer, adventurer and trailblazer for equality.

Extreme Performance – The Works of Millie Brown (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Instigator Films Ltd

Brian Lally (Director), Gerry McColgan (Producer)

Feature documentary about the unique, visually striking and challenging performance art of UK artist Millie Brown.

Fr Des – The People’s Priest (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Notasuch Ltd

Vincent Kinnaird (Director), Sarah Reddin (Producer)

Stephen Rea narrates… The life of Father Des Wilson, 93 years old, Ballymurphy priest, who fought for justice.

Game of Truth (BELGIUM)

Domino Production Sprl

Fabienne Lips Dumas (Director), Sergio Ghizzardi Producer), Cedric Bonin (Producer), Nuala Cunningham (Producer)

N.Ireland has been the site of a unique European low intensity war. The family victims wants to know the truth.


Still Films

Paul Rowley (Director, Producer, Cinematographer), Nicky Gogan (Producer)

A radical look at American violence through the lens of an outrageous queer gun control activist group.


Tub Films

Peter Melrose (Director)

Growing Strong is an observational documentary based in Derry ~ Londonderry, following pupils originally from Oakgrove Integrated Primary School as they make their way through the Northern Ireland education system. Some of the pupils have continued in the integrated model of education, while others have moved to segregated schools.


Derryboye Films Ltd

Beryl Richards (Director), Alex Usborne (Producer)

Hello Stranger is a documentary feature film chronicling the experience of adoption building on 22 years of home video footage.

Is There Anybody Out There? (UK)

Hot Property Films Ltd

Ella Glendining (Director), Janine Marmont (Producer)

A young woman with a rare disability searches for others with the same condition, when her journey takes an unexpected turn.

Keith & I (UK)

Passion Pictures and Disobedient Films

Katharine Round (Director), Lizzie Gillett (Producer)

One prisoner. One filmmaker. One road trip through the divide at the heart of America


Fine Point Films

Trevor Birney (Producer), Mairead Kelly (Development Producer), Christian Beetz (Producer)

Prime Minister and ex-freedom fighter, Ramush Haradinaj tries to move Kosovo towards unprecedented peace but first must face his past.


Erica Starling

Rachel Hooper (Director), Sam Collyns (Executive Producer), Sam Jones (Director)

A young man’s tragic odyssey, filmed over 7 years, returning to Russia from America in search of his mother.


Manifesto Films Ltd

Myrid Carten (Director), Phil Harrison (Producer)

With an inheritance of chaos, addiction and schizophrenia, can you see through your mother’s eyes without becoming her?

Nobody Nowhere: Self Portrait of a Ghost (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Paper Owl Films

Andrew Brenner (Director), Gavin Haplin (Producer)

To know how to die, you need to know how to live. In ‘Nobody Nowhere’ bestselling author, Donna Williams, takes the audience on every ride in her eventful life’s theme park.

POW! The Story of the H-Blocks (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Dearcán Media

Deaglán Ó Mocháin (Producer) / Laurence McKeown (Writer / Co-Producer)

The H-Blocks is a compelling case study of political imprisonment. Between 1976 and 2000 the prison became a political battleground, and a political training ground, for IRA prisoners. Their actions inside and outside of the jail had a real and lasting impact on the wider conflict – actions that deserve closer consideration and discussion, as they help to explain how the peace process developed, and how a comprehensive political settlement was negotiated.


Fegan Films T/A Atom Films

Alex Fegan (Director), Aileen O’Carroll (Producer), Kelda Crawford McCann (Executive Producer)

12 Irish priests recount the sins that impacted them emotionally during confession before highlighting the sins of the church.


Lugh Films Ltd

Loic Jourdain (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Writer), Erik Winker (Producer), Rachel Hooper (Producer), David Rane (Producer), Christian Lelong (Producer)

A family’s journey to challenge the taboo of talking about death when one of the children hasn’t long to live.

The Church of Damo (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)


Ross Killeen (Director),Ross McDonnell (Exective Producer, Cinematographer), Louise Byrne (Producer)

Dublin has undergone dramatic changes in the past 20 years since Damien Dempsey’s debut album. Religious, financial and government institutions have failed the people. A once God-fearing city is now God less, rudderless, meandering along a path of depression, hopelessness and struggle.


Marmalade Films

Tanya Doyle (Director), Daniel Hegarty (Producer), Sinead Ní Bhroin (Producer), Mark O’Toole (Director)

High-speed car chases, botched heists, international police sting; a documentary about unsophisticated criminal masterminds… in pursuit of rhino horns.

The Diary of Jack the Ripper (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Below The Radar

Claire Burgoyne (Producer) / Michael Fanning (Executive Producer), James Johnston (Producer)

The remarkable story of the 27-year investigation into the alleged diary of history’s most infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

The Flats (FRANCE)

Films De Force Majeure

Alessandra Celesia (Director), Jean-Laurent Csindis (Producer) , John McIlduff (Producer)

New Lodge, a Catholic area in the heart of Belfast which was severely hit by the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The Frenchwoman and the Sky (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Broadstone Films Ltd

Tom Burke (Producer), Seamus Murphy (Director)

A visceral discovery of Dublin through it’s most iconoclastic artist, the poet Pat Ingoldsby.

The Great Irish Takeoff (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Mixed Bag Media Ltd

Garret Daly (Director/Producer)

Two young Dublin boys become the centre of an International news alert and FBI investigation after running away from home.

The Million Dollar Pigeon Race (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)


Gavin Fitzgerald (Director), Ken Wardrop (Executive Producer), Samantha Corr (Producer)

Racing pigeons and their fanciers collide in a world of fierce competition. This is simply the greatest pigeon race on earth.

The Mother of Invention (REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Loosehorse Ltd

Aoife Kelleher (Director), Cormac Hargaden (Producer), Trisha Canning (Co-Producer)

Former Irish President Mary Robinson changed Ireland through courts and ballot box alike. Now she’s trying to save the planet.

The Storms of Jeremy Thomas (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

David P. Kelly Films and Cyprus Avenue Films

Mark Cousins (Director), Brendan Byrne (Producer), David Kelly (Producer)

A cinematic biography of hugely successful independent film producer, Jeremy Thomas, by acclaimed director, Mark Cousins.

The Story of Looking (UK)

Bofa Productions

Mark Cousins (Director) / Adam Dawtrey (Producer), Mary Bell (Producer)

The epic story of the visual world, from the dawn of time to the digital age, told by Mark

This is Your Mother (UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND)

Little Ease Films

Hex Holland (Director), Chris Kelly (Producer, Cinematographer)

Our film begins when we meet Nakout on the shores of a Greek island – another lone refugee fleeing the horrors of war, seeking a better life in Europe. In 2003, Nakout was snatched from her home by gunmen in the middle of the night as her three young children hid under the bed, her husband was murdered, and she was marched off into the darkness in her flip-flops.


Inland Films

Tadhg O’Sullivan (Director), Clare Stronge (Producer)

A poetic feature documentary that explores humanity’s timeless relationship with our moon.

Women Behind the Wheel : Unheard Voices on the Pamir Highway (UK)

Hannah Congdon (Director), Catherine Haigh (Director), Zeb Achonu (Editor)

Two women drive 3000km along the Pamir Highway on a journey to discover the lives of the women it connects.

Yanantin (UK)

Wav Lab / Crow Monkey

Borja Alcalde (Director), Steve Allen (Producer), Adam Dawtrey (Executive Producer)

Two shamans, five kids, a 1000 mile road trip deep into the Amazon and the powerful hallucinogenic ayahuasca plant…