Docs Ireland 2022 Marketplace Projects

Docs Ireland is pleased to announce the projects for the third edition of the festival marketplace, taking place on Friday July 1st at the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

Twenty six Irish, UK and international projects will pitch to international decision makers at the marketplace, including Autlook, BBC Docs, BBC NI, BBC Storyville, BFI Global Screen Fund, Breakout Pictures, Cinephil, Deckert Distribution, the Documentary Association of Europe, Doc Lisboa, Field of Vision, Lightdox, National Geographic, POV/American Documentary, Paradigm Talent Agency, Polish Docs, Projectr, Raina, RTÉ, Screen Ireland, Taskovski Films, TG4, TVF and Wildcard Distribution. The festival has also invited a complement of established European documentary producers to participate in the market, to help to encourage collaboration and co-production between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Europe.

The Docs Ireland Marketplace is an opportunity for filmmakers to meet with leading international documentary industry decision makers, including international funders, broadcasters, distributors and exhibitors on a one to one basis. It is the only marketplace dedicated to documentary on the island of Ireland, providing an opportunity for filmmakers to pitch their project through carefully matched meetings organised by the Docs Ireland team.

The full list of selected projects are:

Amongst Women

Director: Aoife Kelleher, Producer: Rachel Lysaght

The battle to hold the Irish State accountable for the abuses of the Magdalene Laundries and

Mother & Baby Homes.

An Untrue Crime Story

Director: Neasa Ní Chianáin, Producer: David Rane

A Kafkaesque story, where the very institutions who are there to protect a family actually end up destroying it.

Asking For It

Director: Grace Sweeney, Producer: Anna Callan

Can a woman consent to her own murder?

Participating as part of the IGNITE Documentary Talent Development Programme

Chinese Takeaway Kids

Director: Diana Cheung, Producer: Sam Howard

This film explores the experiences across three generations of the Chinese community in Ireland brought up in the family business.

Participating as part of the IGNITE Documentary Talent Development Programme

Cold Case Corruption

Producer: Trevor Birney

Jack McCullough’s wrongful conviction for the historic murder of a seven-year-old girl sees theunravelling of a 60-year mystery.


Director: Cherine Karam, Producers: Mario Adamson, Clara Harris, Ashley Smith, 

Nawal is the mother-figure behind Depot-Vente, a vintage shop raising spirits in a collapsing Beirut.

Fallen Angel

Director: Ian Palmer, Producers: Michael Mallie, Declan McGrath

The search for the truth behind the jailing of an NYPD Detective responsible for America’s

biggest ever drugs bust.

Fixing the War

Director: Clare Stronge, Producer: Gary Lennon

Fixing the War is a new feature documentary following the lives of ordinary Ukrainians who – through economic necessity, idealism or chance – now find themselves working as ‘fixers’ for hard news journalism and war correspondence as their home is transformed

into a living warzone.

Girls Who Run The World

Director: Lia Campbell, Producer: Anna Callan

Set across Northern Ireland and Ethiopia, we follow some of the world’s most promising young female athletes.

Participating as part of the IGNITE Documentary Talent Development Programme

In Search of The Dream

Director: Ally Mckenzie, Producer: Margaret McGoldrick, Ally Mckenzie, Chris Patterson

Child Soldier at 8. Boxing world Champion at 25. Enigma ever since. The search for Kassim

Ouma, the boxing mystery.

Mother’s Little Secret

Director: Jeremiah Cullinane, Producer: Jeremiah Cullinane, Sigriður Sólan Guðlaugsdóttir

Executive Producer: Kristinn Thorðarson

The Icelandic descendant of an enslaved Irish princess engages actors to retrace her journey

and understand her mysterious silence.

New Adam

Director: Máté Takács, Producer: Michael Mallie, Declan McGrath, Judit Sós

A filmmaker documents a man who suffered devastating memory loss at the age of 54 and

begins his life anew.

Radio Rebel

Director: Hilary Fennell, Producer: Nigel Sinclair

The story of Ronan O’Rahilly: Irish maverick who took on the British establishment by launching Radio Caroline, first UK offshore pirate.


Director: Clare Stronge, Producer: Jeanie Igoe

4k underwater spectacular with a specially composed score brings audiences inside one of

nature’s greatest mysteries: a shoal of fish

State of Betrayal

Director: Paul Sng, Producer: Sinead Kirwan

Donna McLean exposes an intricate web of deceit and deception in the British state going back decades. In her quest to uncover the truth about why she and other women were targeted by spy cops she asks fundamental questions about whether we really live in a free society.

Selected by Docs Ireland Festival Partner The Scottish Documentary Institute

The Artist & The Wall of Death

Director: Maurice O’Brien, Producer: John Kelleher

An artist becomes obsessed with transforming the motor-cycle attraction The Wall of

Death into a place of Art.

The Essence of Eva

Directors: Alex Fegan, Malcolm Willis, Producers: Aileen O’Carroll, Malcolm Willis

Executive Producer: Kelda Crawford-McCann

Featuring never-before-seen archive footage, artworks, and songs, this documentary delves into the life of the legendary singer Eva Cassidy.

The Gold Mine

Director: Eamonn Devlin, Chris Kelly, Producer: Eamonn Devlin, Chris Kelly

A new Gold Mine brings the promise of great wealth, but at what cost?

The Inner Voice of Tony Cascarino

Director: Jonathan Farrelly, Producer: Anna Mannion

Tony Cascarino looks at his life through his ‘Inner Voice’, that part of him that never wanted him to succeed.

Participating as part of the IGNITE Documentary Talent Development Programme

The Shapes Between Us

Director: Phil Kieran, Producer: Sara Gunn-Smith

The story of the people, places and music that shaped Northern Irish club culture from 1980-


The Taste of Mango

Director: Chloe Abrahams, Producers: Chloe Abrahams & Elliott Whitton

Executive Producer: Diane Quon, Consulting Producer: Kellen Quinn 

The Taste of Mango collages intimate fragments from Chloe, her mother and grandmother’s lives – the joys, the challenges, and the everyday. The film is a lyrical exploration of trauma and its impact on motherhood, questioning how we can continue loving those who often give us pain in return.

Selected by Docs Ireland Festival Partner Doc Society

Unsilencing: My Journey to Carlow

Director: Sandrine Ndahiro, Producer: Alison Byrne

A series of portraits detailing the lived experiences of diverse and multicultural individuals within the Carlow region.

Participating as part of the IGNITE Documentary Talent Development Programme

War Children

Director: Irina Maldea, Producer: Brendan Culleton, Maciej Pawelcyk 

Intimate stories from child refugees who came to Ireland seventy years ago cast a new light on today’s refugee crisis.

When The Rapping Stops

Directors: Alexander Jay, Alison Millar, Producer: Jackie Doyle, Chloe Lambourne

Associate Producer: Sam Howard

An intimate portrayal of the African American Rap community of Virginia as experienced by

music videographer Alexander Jay.

Why Did We Plant Roses?

Director: Ayed Nabaa, Producer: Mohanad Salahat

Through the story, cinematic life of one of the most influential filmmakers within the cinema of the Palestinian revolution.

Selected by Docs Ireland Festival Partner Film Lab Palestine