India, Cuba, Zambia, Palestine, Russia, Iraq, Taiwan, the US, UK and Hong Kong – just some of the places we’ve searched to bring you the very best in international documentary for this year’s Docs Ireland (25 – 29 August 2021).  

Before the full programme launch of Docs Ireland 3 on ‘Docs Day’ –  Wednesday 4 August – we present a small taster of some of the compelling new documentaries which we will be sharing with you at QFT, Odeon Belfast and other venues during the festival, 25 – 29 August.

Stephen And Des
The late Fr Des Wilson (right), pictured with his friend, actor Stephen Rea.

We’re teaming up with Féile An Phobail to present Fr Des – The Way He Saw It, a work in progress documentary about the life of highly respected West Belfast priest, the late Fr Des Wilson.  Screening at the Odeon Belfast on Thursday 12 August, the film looks at the pioneering work of ‘Fr Des’ in community, education and peace-making, and is narrated by Belfast born actor, Stephen Rea.

Ultraviolence Brenda Weinberg (r) Sister Of Brian Douglas (1)

Particularly resonant in the light of the worldwide impact of the death of George Floyd, ‘Ultraviolence follows the struggles of just some of the black UK families whose loved ones have died in police custody, with shootings, chokeholds, batons, gassing, suffocation, restraint and brutal beatings among the methods being used. 

The debut feature length film by artist filmmaker Lucy Parker, ‘Solidarityfollows activists who are spied upon, systematically denied work and tricked into intimate relationships with undercover police – a community coming together to find a route to justice.

‘Father of the Cyborgs’ explores the work of pioneering Irish neurologist Dr Phil Kennedy, who arranged for electrodes to be implanted in his own brain as part of his research. The documentary examines the ethics of self experimentation and the unintended consequences of a future where technology and human brains combine.

Father Of The Cyborgs Still
‘Father of the Cyborgs’

‘A Worm in the Heart’ sees queer Irish filmmaker Paul Rice and his boyfriend Liam go undercover in Russia to meet with the many heroic members of the LGBTQ+ community who risk their lives living authentically under oppressive laws and prejudices  -from Nobel Peace prize nominees and international activists to drag queens.

Described by The Washington Post as “The most inspiring journalism movie — maybe ever”, ‘Writing with Fire’  explores the incredible story of India’s only newspaper run by Dalit women and won the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award: Impact for Change @ Sundance 2021.

Emmanuel ‘jagari’ Chanda Jacco Gardner And Nik Maukovic In Witch We Intend To Cause Havoc Bulldog
‘WITCH: We Intend to Cause Havoc’

And finally for now to Zambia for ‘WITCH: We Intend to Cause Havoc‘, a vibrant, joyous celebration of life and music, following the 21st century re-formation of the country’s most popular rock band of the 1970’s.

So, hopefully that’s whetted your appetite for what’s to come!

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