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Docs Ireland day three

Day three of Docs Ireland centred on our industry marketplace, an opportunity for filmmakers to conduct one-to-one meetings with leading decision makers.

Other industry sessions took stock of the current filmmaking landscape, with discussions on European documentary festivals and mental health in film.

The Pull Focus New Documentary and Maysles Brothers Film Award strands launched with screenings of Children of the Mist – a startling look at the indigenous Hmong community in north Vietnam – and The Peculiar Sensation of Pat Ingoldsby – a glimpse into the writer’s special relationship with Dublin.

Continuing with the theme of Dublin was James Joyce’s Ulysses, with an introduction from producer Michael Hewitt. Queen’s Film Theatre also hosted a sold-out screening of the visually stunning Fire of Love, a documentary on the life and work of volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft. Over at the Oh Yeah Music Centre, Songs for Drella channeled the enduring spirit of Lou Reed and John Cale in a special concert tribute to The Velvet Underground.