Docs Ireland Marketplace 6

Docs Ireland Marketplace 2021 Projects

Docs Ireland is pleased to announce the projects for the second edition of the festival marketplace, taking place online on June 17th & 18th, as part of our online industry festival.

Twenty five Irish, UK and international projects will pitch to international decision makers at the virtual market, including Autlook Films, BBC NI,  BBC Docs, Breakout Pictures, CAT&Docs, Dogwoof, Element Distribution, Met Film Sales, National Geographic, POV, RTÉ, Screen Ireland, Sky Docs, Submarine Entertainment, Taskovski Films, TG4, TRT, TVF, TV Poland, Wildcard Distribution, and The Wrap Fund.

The Docs Ireland Marketplace is an opportunity for filmmakers to meet with leading international documentary industry decision makers, including international funders, broadcasters, distributors and exhibitors on a one to one basis. It is the only marketplace dedicated to documentary on the island of Ireland and provides an opportunity for filmmakers to pitch their project through carefully matched meetings organised by the Docs Ireland team.

The full list of selected projects are:

All Points North

Director: Glen Milner

Producers: Ben Hilton, Glen Milner

All Points North is the story of Yorkshire’s changing industrial landscapes told through its workers.

Asking for it

Director: Grace Sweeney

Producer: Rachel Hooper

She was asking for it. Can a woman consent to her own murder?


Director: Maurice O’Brien

Producer: Clare Stronge

A powerful feature documentary following a group of spiritual misfits as they build a Tibetan Temple on a remote clifftop

Beatle Island

Director: Gillian Callan

Producers: Ollie Aslin, Gary Lennon

Wild, Wild Country meets Father Ted.

Fighting Words

Director: Ross Whittaker

In a creative writing school in Dublin’s toughest neighbourhood, teenagers learn to believe in the power of their words


Directors: Michael Barwise, Sean Mullan

A one armed sailor and a writer sail the Irish coastline to find the mythical island of Hy Brasil.


Director: David Burke

Producer: Sean O’Cualain

Under General Pinochet’s rule of terror in Chile, one man saved thousands of people from the dictator’s brutal secret police.

Learning to Fall

Director: John Conway

Producer: Mairéad Ní Thréinir

After tragedy strikes, a stuntman swaps showbiz success for a life of solitude on an island off Ireland’s west coast.


Director: Margo Harkin

Producer: Martha O’Neill

An insight into the Irish Mother and Baby Homes scandal that ricocheted around the world and sparked a government Inquiry.

Lost Futures

Director: Niall McCann

Producers: Matthew Boyd, Tadhg O’Sullivan

Its easier to imagine the end of the world, than the end of capitalism.


Director: Sinead O’Shea

A portrait of the Loyalist community, several years in the making, as it faces change.

Mo & Me

Director: Henrietta Norton

Producer: Niamh Fagan

The life, work and reputation of Mo Mowlam, one of the principal engineers of Northern Ireland’s peace process.

Moscow Nights

Director: Irina Maldea

Producers: Brendan Culleton, Sorin Manu

Moscow Nights is an archival vérité documentary about how the leaders of the superpowers and their wives forged friendships across the divide.

Name Me Lawand

Director: Edward Lovelace

Producer: Fleur Nieddu, Marisa Clifford, Isabel Davis, Beyan Taher 

A young deaf boy’s journey to express himself: a love letter to the power and magic of human communication.

No Place Like Home

Director: Myrid Carten

Producer: Tadhg O’Sullivan

A coming of age survival story about the cost of love; and how difficult it can be to escape.

Never Mind The Boll*#@ks, Here’s Terri!

Director/Producer: Declan McGrath

Producer: Brian Kelly

A film about the life and legacy of Terri Hooley, the Godfather of Irish Punk.


Director: Simon Chambers

Producer: David Rane

Simon helps his aged luvvie uncle David to a wonderful death by indulging his final wish to perform King Lear

Searching for Space

Director: Cara Holmes

Producer: Evan Horan

A dynamic portrayal of a community of activists who set up the Lesbian Lines, a network of underground telephone helplines.

Six Bullets Fired

Director: Sinead O’Brien

Producers: Ollie Aslin, Gary Lennon

Natural death is not easy to accept – how much more a tragic one?

Super Nature

Director/ Producer: Ed Sayers

Exec Producer: Rebecca Wolff

Super Nature is a co-creation documentary, a global celebration of nature told on Super 8 film.

The Honeypot

Director: Laura Smith

Producer: Lorraine Harton

An investigation into the tragic trail of intrigue and deception left behind by the international con-woman, Julia Holmes.

The Hooded Men

Directors: Tom Besley & Sam Collyns 

Producer: Rachel Hooper

Tortured by the British state. Denied justice for 50 years. One man fights to reveal the UK’s top-secret torture programme.

The Last Balkan Cowboy

Director: Dragana Jurisic

Producer: Zlata Filipovic & Anna Rodgers

Croatian artist Dragana Jurisic retraces the mythical story of cult Western director Hari Džekson, returning to the home she fled.

The Woman Who Disappeared Twice

Director: Ciaran Cassidy

Producer: Colum McKeown

Two daughters who believe their mother was murdered over 35 years ago start their own investigation into what really happened.

Untitled Hydebank Project

Director: Ross McClean

Producer: Bronte Stahl

Ryan finds solace caring for a flock of sheep inside a Northern Irish prison’s walls. Released into a dizzying environment, he ventures to start his own flock.