Palestine Cinema Days – Gaza Surf Club

Thursday, 2 November - 8:00pm
@The Black Box
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For many years we have had a strong associations withCinemaDays Film Festival in Palestine,showingdocumentary work at each otherss festivals. Insolidaritywith what they are currently facing, we have organised this screening.Belowis a message from our friends:

"As we are not able to organise our festival which was supposed to take place from the 24th of October till the 1st of November. We want to suggest hosting one screening on the same day -2nd Nov- with our allies all over the world. The screening would be preceded by a short video, an edit of the stories coming out of Gaza facing this unprecedented human crisis. This is a small step that we think might give way for the Palestinian narrative that has been stolen since 1948.

Gaza Surf Club (2016)

نادي غزة لركوب الأمواج

Directed by Mickey Yamine and Philip Gnadt

إخــراجفيليب جنات، وميكي يمين

Trapped in "the world's largest open-air prison" and ruled by war, a new generation is drawn to the beaches. Sick of occupation and political gridlock, they find their own personal freedom in the waves of the Mediterranean – they are the surfers of Gaza.

فيما يعيشون في أكبر سجن في العالم، وتحكمهم الحرب، ينجذب جيل جديد للشواطئ، حيث يجدون حريتهم الشخصية في أمواج البحر المتوسط، بعدما ملّوا من الاحتلال والجمود السياسي. إنهم راكبوا الأمواج في غزة.

All proceeds for this event will be donated toMedical Aid for Palestinians

We want to encourage people to come along regardless of tickets so if you prefer just throw a couple of pounds into the donation buckets at the door.

Medical Aid for Palestine is running a Gaza emergency funding appeal to help provide the much needed medications, medical supplies and disposables to Palestinian hospitals and emergency services in both Gaza and Jerusalem.


Thursday, 2 November 2023 - 8:00pm @ The Black Box
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