The Marilyn Hyndman Award Returns

Docs Ireland is proud to announce the Marilyn Hyndman Award will return for its second year.

Marilyn Hyndman was a cornerstone of the arts and film in Northern Ireland, from her work as a documentary filmmaker, her work as a writer, and her role in establishing the building in which Belfast Film Festival, Belfast Exposed and NVTV operate from today.

Aimed at emerging filmmakers, the award recognises filmmakers who embody the values of Hyndman’s filmmaking. She held dear the idea of engagement, inclusion, and the power of storytelling as a filmmaker. She believed that filmmaking was not merely a technical process but an avenue for self-expression and a means to give voice to those who often went unheard. Marilyn tirelessly worked to create opportunities for individuals and community organisations from diverse backgrounds, to tell their stories in their own words.

Films being shown in the selection programmes will be considered for this award.

The winner will receive £500 and access to the editing suite at Northern Visions Television Studios.